Friday, November 11, 2011

Arm and A Leg

On November 9th, I went to a little place called Frank & Son's Collectible Show in Industry, CA & I saw something that I have been thinking about for quite a while now.  Something that almost made me quit this wonderfully entertaining card game. Walking around Frank & Son's just looking at different booths for no reason other than window shopping, I saw something that I believe is quite insane.

Of course it had to be this bitch.

Tour Guide From The Underworld was priced at $200.  I could not believe this card was priced at that much.  At this point I should have called the vendor over & inquire as to if he had, in fact, lost his fucking mind$200 for a 3.4inch x 4.5inch card?  It isn't just Tour Guide, my fellow duelists.  I'm not even too sure that most of you know this but other cards like this are outrageously over-priced.  I went on a couple of different sites & looked up the prices for some of the most popular cards in this game right now and these were my findings:

Ally of Justice Catastor                                   - Average Price $21.49 

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning  - Average Price  $65.28 (Secret Rare) 
                                                                                                 $57.49 (Gold Rare)

Pot of Duality                                                   - Average Price $61.62 (Secret Rare)
                                                                                                 $15.31 (Super Rare)

Naturia Barkion                                               - Average Price $21.82

Naturia Beast                                                   - Average Price $25.26 

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon                    -Average Price $21.72. (Jump)
                                                                                                $15.38 (Super Rare)

Rescue Rabbit                                                 - Average Price  $157.73

Solemn Warning                                               - Average Price $14.00 (Super Rare)
                                                                                                 $34.23 (Ultimate Rare)

Thunder King Rai-Oh                                        -Average Price $10.29 (Common)
                                                                                                 $25.01 (Secret Promo)
                                                                                                 $14.36 (Gold Rare)

Totem Dragon                                                    -Average Price $14.01

I could go on looking up the average price of cards but I think you get the idea.  I mean, seriously, 10 bucks for a common. A Thunder King.  Fuck me, that is insane. Now I know that these cards are those cards that people are good and I'm not arguing that point.  What I am saying is that it is absolutely ridiculous to play $15-$17 for a Pot of Duality!

Fuck you! How can a tin card be that much!?

But it isn't just cards, my friends. Things like sleeves, deck boxes, dice, & folders cost way more than they are worth. A pack of Players Choice sleeves is about $6.  A better quality of sleeves that can last twice as long only costs $2.50! Those new anime character deck boxes cost $15! I'll admit that those deck boxes are nice.  I will admit that I want one because they seem more convenient & a bit more stylish that my old deck box that's being held together with tape but that is no reason to spend that much on a little tiny box of plastic that I'm just going to be throwing in and out of my bag and onto tables or my desk at home.

Or a nice HOTD one.

Now what's the point to all this? Well I'm not really sure. All I know is that things are only worth what you are willing to give up for them.  Maybe it just comes down to peoples priorities or how much people are willing to spend to have a change at winning or to make their decks look nice. I'm guilty of this.  Ive spent much, much more that I had to necessary on a card that I wanted or a prettier shiny version of a card I already have. I  also know that I am going to put a stop it needless spending on things I do not need.  If I really want something I will barter/trade/haggle/etc. but I will not pay an over-the-top or outrageous price for something that is priced at a certain amount because of its popularity among others.


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